Timberland Heights offers mountain suburban lifestyle embraced by the best of nature. Only 15 minutes away from Quezon City, it feels like a world away with its cool climate, breathtaking mountainscape and picturesque views of the city.

Projects at Timberland Heights

Banyan Crest

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Untouched by the hassles of urban living, Banyan Crest offers your family a tropical Asian home in a community located within a mountain resort township.The high altitude provides a great panoramic view of the city and a continuous breeze that is as refreshing as the lush nature that surrounds the whole development.

Banyan Ridge

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Redefine living in natural luxury at the exclusive residential community of Banyan Ridge. It has 118 open slots for prime home sites, all strategically located on a ridge that provides a panoramic vista of the city and surrounding mountains.

Embrace life’s finest rewards at the premier residential resort and nature haven that is Banyan Ridge.

The Ranch

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Nestled on mountains higher than those of Antipolo, this 5.7-hectare community gives you picturesque views of Laguna de Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Cool, clean air and lush greenery, coupled with modern house designs and other amenities give you the experience of being at the peak of country living at The Ranch. It also offers convenient access to the institutions found in the city.

Mandala 1

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Breathe in the rejuvenating freshness of clean mountain air as you tend to your backyard farm or garden at the 40-hectare Mandala Residential Farm Estates. Subdivided into four phases, it offers flourishing farm lots where you can nurture bountiful harvests with you and your family. Best of all, it’s a well-planned community where you can live comfortably every day.

Mandala 2

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Offering the same flourishing lifestyle as the first Mandala community, Mandala Residential Farm Estates 2 covers a 19.8-hectare site, offering only 130 farm lots with bigger sizes ranging from 750 square meters to 3,590 square meters.
Enjoy landscaped gateway with guardhouse, tree park with gazeebo and picnic huts and centralized water system at the Mandala 2.

Timberland Sports & Nature Club

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Renew your senses. Get back to basics. Reintroduce yourself to a life lived in harmony with nature. Close to the city, but a world away from the traffic, noise, and bright lights, you’ll find Timberland Sports & Nature Club.

Experience exclusive mountain resort where you and your family can commune with nature within the comforts of your home.

At Timberland, getting back to nature comes naturally.Visit us at www.timberlandclub.com

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1Complemented by breathtaking views of natural vistas, Timberland Heights is your home away from choking urban centers yet accessible to business and commercial districts, socio-civic institutions and leisure centers.


2Located on a ridge or hilltop and complemented with a wide range of leisure, sports and recreational amenities for a vibrant and healthier lifestyle, for you and your family.