Our AgroForestry

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Agroforestry Center Protects and Sustains Ecological Balance

The entire estates of Timberland Heights, especially the farming communities of the Mandala Residential Farm Estates, will reap the long-term benefits of a preserved and balanced ecological system with the establishment of its own Agroforestry Center.

The Institute of Agroforestry of the University of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation, Inc. (UPLBFI) is providing technical assistance in putting up and operating the Timberland Heights Agroforestry Center (AFC).

Through various training courses, seminars and other fora, AFC ensures that agroforestry, a land-use management system that combines production of trees with agricultural crops, animals and other resources, will increase or sustain productivity in the estate while maintaining its ecological stability.

This means residents will continuously enjoy clean and fresh mountain air, lush vegetation and forest cover, adequate water supply and erosion-free environment, as more trees, vegetables and crops are grown in the estate.

Hobby-farmers, on the other hand, will literally reap the benefits from cultivating nature’s bounty on their farms with the expert advice and technical facilities of the Agroforestry Demonstration Farm and Training Center (ATC) and formal instructions given by the Agroforestry Learning Laboratory (ALL). Both are managed and run by AFC.
AFC also operates the estate’s agroforestry nursery and the 80-hectare stretch of protected natural sites called Greenways, which consist of wooden vales, forest parks and sheltered glades that will become centers of nature-based activities.

At the Greenways, families can strengthen their bond or spend a relaxing weekend together without even leaving the town. They can indulge in trekking, camping, biking, horseback riding, climbing and rappelling, among other sports. Swimming, fishing and other water sports are possible in areas with a lagoon or a pond. There are four waterfalls within the estate.

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